It's a room like you've never seen.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

SHAKE Audio Post at MilkBoy

Sound Design, Surround, Music & Casting 
Shake sets the standard for audio post in Philadelphia. Agencies, networks, and producers love mixing in our mid-century modern surround studio with bright windows and over-the-top client services, just steps from Electric Factory, Union Transfer, and Northern Liberties. Shake offers 360-degree spatialized mixing for VR, deeply layered sound design, music composition, and voice casting.  ISDN, SourceConnect and ipDTL are supported in two rooms with remarkable sound and amenities.  Creative Director is veteran New York mixer Mark Schultz, CAS.  Sound Designer/Mixer is Cody Cichowski.


 deserve REAL SOUND

"We just had a screening of Hollywood Beauty Salon for mental health professionals, and the film set them on FIRE!!!  I am in awe of the gift you gave to me and the film."

         - Glenn Holsten, Director/Glenn Films



 before AIRING

"You really crushed that work load yesterday.  You are one of the only other operators that moves as quickly as I do with a Wacom pen in hand.  You work almost at the speed of your thought process ..."


    - Justin Shipley, Director/DP



 to your PICTURE

"I am here with the client and they LOVE their new music.  Thrilled to pieces!"


              - Paul T., Creative Director


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